Periodontal Cosmetic Surgery

Correcting the Gummy Smile

Root Coverage

Irregular Gum Levels

Today, more patients are seeking to improve their smile. However, even with new crowns or veneers, if the gum level is irregular, or if roots are exposed, the appearance will never be satisfactory. Periodontal plastic surgery addresses these issues, both with and without the use of crowns and veneers.


Correcting the Gummy Smile

The gummy smile makes the teeth appear short and disproportionate with the patient’s face. By sculpting the gum to make the teeth appear more natural, the smile can be greatly enhanced.

Gummy smile results in short teeth with irregular gum margins. After tissue sculpting and veneers, a beautiful smile with teeth the proper size for the patient’s face.


Overgrowth of gum tissue during orthodontics Tissue surgically trimmed to normal contour Healed tissue with a pleasing appearance

Root Coverage

When there is gum recession, the root of the tooth often shows and is unsightly. Gum grafting is needed to restore health (See Gum Recession), but root coverage may also be desired to improve appearance. This is generally accomplished with a connective tissue graft, which provides new attached gingiva while covering the root surface.

Recession of canine gum producing a “fang-like” appearance


Complete root coverage with normal gum contour


Front tooth with unsightly root exposed


Improved cosmetics after root coverage


After- Root coverage of upper premolars, left and right
Unsightly anterior recession
Recession corrected with root coverage procedure
Full view

Irregular Gum Levels

Irregular gum levels detract from an attractive smile. Even with new crowns, the results can never be satisfactory unless the gum has a natural contour. This may be as simple as changing a single tooth, or may involve all the upper front teeth.

Short lateral tooth, with low gum


Gum made level with adjacent teeth so normal crown could be placed.


Irregular gum levels with short, chipped teeth Following re-contouring and crowns