Immediate Loading Ridge Augmentation for Implants

Periodontal disease, extractions or pathology may leave inadequate bone for implant placement. Ridge augmentation procedures are utilized to increase bone dimension for implant placement and/or improved esthetics. Many, if not all, ridge deficiencies could be prevented with grafting at the time of extraction!

Ridge augmentation procedures are “out” patient procedures, performed under local anesthetic in a relatively quick and painless appointment. An incision is made in the gum tissue – the site is bone grafted and a barrier membrane placed over the graft. The tissue is then advanced and sutured. There is minimal pain, modulated well by over the counter medications like ibuprofen. Patients are able to return to work later that day if they so desired.

Ridge Augmentation Case Examples

Ridge augmentation Case #1

This patient had the right lateral incisor extracted >10 years ago and a bridge placed. Note how the tissue has “sunken” into the site. The patient complained that not only was this unaesthetic, but food was consistently trapped in this concavity.


Upon sectioning of the bridge, note the severity of the ridge deficiency. The probe outlines where the ideal ridge contour should be.


Three months following ridge augmentation (and simultaneous implant placement), note excellent tissue healing and new ridge contours


Ridge Augmentation Case #2

This patient has been missing multiple mandibular teeth for many years. Note the knife-edge shape of the ridge and the severe concavities along the outside. She reported her lower denture was very uncomfortable for the above mentioned reasons.


Three months following ridge augmentation – rounded ridge contour with increased dimension. Much more comfortable for the patient as she wore her transitional denture (and better ridge dimension for the patient to transition to dental implants)


Ridge Augmentation Case #3


A significant infection caused destruction of the alveolar bone making implant placement not possible. After 3 months of healing the alveolar bone is restored. Implants can now be placed.



Ridge Augmentation Case #4

Significant dental infections destroyed the alveolus. Freeze dried bone and membranes were utilized to regrow the lost alveolus.


3 months after augmentation the ridge is restored to more usual form and implants can now be placed.